JJM Networks Partners with Carlisle United to Kick Off New Advertising Deal

Carlisle United

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Carlisle United

JJM Networks: Proud Supporters of Carlisle United

JJM Networks is thrilled to announce an advertising partnership with Carlisle United Football Club, a collaboration that feels like a natural progression of our long-standing relationship with the team. We’ve admired Carlisle United’s dedication to their sport, their fans, and their community for years. Their recent promotion to League One, achieved through hard work and determination, resonates with our own company values. This partnership isn’t just a business decision; it’s an affirmation of shared principles.

Why Carlisle United?

Our collaboration with Carlisle United isn’t simply a chance to put our name on a pitch board. It’s a symbol of a deeper connection between two entities that believe in hard work, commitment, and community involvement. Carlisle United’s rise through the ranks to League One embodies the perseverance and excellence that we strive to achieve here at JJM Networks.

More than just advertising

The pitch board advertisement at the Waterworks End of the stadium symbolises our partnership with Carlisle United, but it stands for far more than just a marketing opportunity. We view our collaboration with the club as an extension of our commitment to community involvement and a way to actively support a team that brings so much pride to Carlisle.


A wish for continued success

As Carlisle United begin their journey in League One, our best wishes and support go with them. This is an exciting time for the team and everyone in Carlisle. Their successes are our successes, and we’re proud to be part of their journey. We look forward to watching them in the coming season, knowing our partnership is a belief in dedication, community, and love for the game.

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