A New Server Installation Solution for Grant’s Oak Smoked Salmon Factory

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Grant’s Oak Smoked Ltd, a leading food manufacturer specialising in seafood products, recently faced a critical challenge with their server infrastructure. Their existing server hardware had failed, posing a significant risk to their operations and data management. Understanding the urgency, our team embarked on a mission to supply and install a new, robust server solution.

Client Overview:

Located in Maryport, Cumbria, Grant’s Oak Smoked is renowned for crafting superior smoked salmon products. With a skilled team exceeding 50+ employees, they blend tradition with innovation, establishing themselves as leaders in the seafood industry. Their commitment to quality and sustainability has earned them acclaim, symbolising excellence in smoked seafood production.


server solution
Grant's Oak Smoked produces some of the finest traditional smoked salmon products in the world!

Challenges and Solutions:

The main hurdle involved substituting the defunct server while minimally impacting Grant’s daily activities. We introduced an advanced server employing state-of-the-art virtualisation technology. This upgrade not only supplanted their obsolete equipment but also enhanced their data management and storage efficiency, marking a significant improvement to their infrastructure.


Our role in the project:

Our team handled the installation with great care, making sure the change from the old server to the new one was smooth. We focused on preventing any interruptions to Grant’s daily operations. This careful planning meant that the switch over to the new system was seamless and trouble-free, keeping their business up and running without any issues during the installation.



Key steps:


Server Supply & Installation:
Installed a high-performance server with Hyper-V technology, enhancing processing
power and virtualisation capabilities for Grant’s Oak Smoked Ltd.


Application & Data Migration:
Securely and efficiently transferred all critical applications and data from the
old server, ensuring no disruption or data loss.

Client Machine Connections:

Seamlessly integrated client machines with the new server, enabling uninterrupted
operations and improved productivity for the Grant’s team.


Secure Backup System Implementation:

Implemented a robust backup solution, significantly enhancing data security
and providing a safeguard against potential data loss situations.

Uninterrupted Power Integration:
Integrated a state-of-the-art UPS system to protect against power outages,
ensuring continuous power operation and data protection.

The results:

The server upgrade at Grant’s quickly yielded significant results. The new system did more than just restore operations; it enhanced data security and streamlined business application management. This improvement provided the business with faster data sharing, improved network speed, and more robust data backup capabilities, boosting their overall efficiency.



The successful completion of this server project demonstates our commitment to providing tailored, superior IT solutions.
Does your business require a comparable upgrade or technological support? We are equipped to boost your growth and improve your operational efficiency with our expert IT services and solutions.

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