IT Security Services

A layered approach to IT security to keep your systems protected

it security solutions

Your business systems and data need high level protection around the clock to safeguard critical data from potential security threats on and offline. However, there is no single solution that can offer 100% protection. Instead you need multiple layers of protection to minimise potential breaches. JJM Networks offer a variety of protection controls and best practices to support your systems and network, each one designed to protect digital users, assets and data against the growing threat of cyber-attacks. We’ll take steps to keep you protected against the latest security threats, whether they are accidental or malicious.

it security services


Cyber Essentials

We’ll help you become fully accredited with this government-backed scheme, giving you a set of basic security controls that will improve your protection against the threat of cyber-attacks.

Backup Security

Managed Backup

Your business manages critical information every day and our managed backup service protects and minimises the risks it faces and guarantees you'll never lose access to your data.

Firewall Cumbria

Firewall Security

Cost-efficient firewalls that provide active management, monitoring, support and alerting to maintain high levels of security and continuity throughout your business network.

Malware Security

Malware Protection

To safeguard your business against malware, ransomware and other online threats, we can install the ESET suite of security products to help keep your systems and data protected.


Multi-Factor Auth

Our multi-factor authentication process sends a code via a secure mobile app to bolster internal security measures, ensuring authorised users have access to relevant resources.


Device Encryption

Keep essential business data out of the wrong hands with our device encryption service, ensuring that if the device is lost or stolen important information remains inaccessible.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that focusses on improving security controls in five key areas of your IT systems and network: firewalls, configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management. When configured correctly, your chances of surviving most cyber-attacks are significantly improved. JJM Networks are experienced in helping businesses achieve the Cyber Essentials accreditation. We’ve helped countless businesses operating in a variety of sectors to become Cyber Essential compliant, streamlining their security measures for long-term protection.

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