Wireless Networks

Wireless networks configured and installed to your requirements

Wireless Network Installation & Maintenance

Wi-Fi connectivity is essential to the modern-day work environment, enabling businesses to access data easily and securely using a variety of applications. JJM Networks provide the flexibility and mobility you need to grow your business, helping to plan, supply and install wireless network solutions for businesses of all sizes. We help you identify the right wireless solution for your company, managing all the technical aspects of the project for you, so you can enjoy the commercial benefits it will provide.

Wireless Solutions

Network Cabling

Point to Point Wireless Links

Point to point wireless is a fast and reliable alternative for high-speed data, and voice and video transfer between locations. It’s a cost-efficient solution that your business can depend on.

Wireless Network

Business Wireless Solutions

Our business wireless solutions keep your staff connected and ensure you always have a fast and stable network. From networking to remote support, we offer the complete package.

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Wireless Coverage at Home

To help you get the most out of your wireless coverage around the home, our tech team can fix poor signal areas and install a range of high quality wireless equipment that keeps you online.

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Restaurant & Hotel Wireless

We’ll ensure your guests enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity during their time at your establishment by installing market leading technology that enhances their experience.

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Wireless Solutions for Schools

Our selection of secure wireless solutions can be used to improve the learning potential of your pupils, keeping devices connected in all classrooms no matter the number of students.

Outdoor Wireless Antenna

Outdoor Wireless Equipment

Using the latest technology made from high quality industrial grade components, we can ensure your wireless connectivity is maintained through the harshest of outdoor conditions.

Setup & Installation

The setup and installation process needs to run smoothly to ensure your new wireless equipment is configured correctly and able to support your needs in the long-term. That’s why we do as much preparation work as possible before arriving onsite, to do the installation work, ensuring your equipment is configured and ready to go so we minimise disruption to your business day.

For businesses that currently use our IT support services, additional support for your wireless network is provided free of charge. Or if you just need wireless tech support on an ad hoc basis, our friendly support team are available to help during office hours.

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